Math!  Who loves math?

“Not I said the firefighter”, but it doesn’t really matter.  If you want to become a Driver/Operator or an Engineer, you better get comfortable with running a few numbers pretty fast.

Here are two resources that might help:

  1. Driver Operator 1B Cheat Sheet – A simple and relatively comprehensive guide to the basic numbers involved in pumping.  I put this together based on the info from my own D/O class and would like to evolve it.  If you have suggestions or corrections, please let me know.  Note, certain numbers will vary based on local and your departments standards.
  2. DMV Pre-trip Inspection (Driver Operator 1B) – This is the check off sheet that your test will be based off.  Get familiar with it and taking the actual test will be a lot easier.
  3. Driver/Operator/Engineer Inspection form – This is the check out sheet we use at my department when checking out the engine every morning.  If you would like a modified version of this for your own department, let me know.
  4. Pump School Manual – Produced by the Tom’s River Fire Academy, this manual appears to me to be an excellent, and simplified, to the point, manual on basic pump education and operation.  There are some handy charts and reference items in here.

I hope these can be useful resources to people taking their engineers tests or studying for their driver/operator.  As I mentioned, I’d love to add more resources or improve on the ones above.  Any thoughts, let me know below or through my contact page.