Today I interviewed to be an EMT.  On Monday I called Bay Medic Ambulance Service to see if they’d received the application I sent in.  I was told yes, they had, but they wouldn’t be running a new training class for 3 months.  Wednesday they called me to schedule an interview for Friday (today).

Passing my EMT class and then the National Registry Exam wasn’t easy.  I’ve done some, but not a whole lot of brushing up since since, and I was a little worried about the questions I’d be asked at my interview.  Fortunately it turned out not to be a problem.  The interview focused less on my specific text-book/lab knowledge and more on me as a whole.

My impression is that they want to know that I’ll present professionally and that I have the basic qualifications.  They do their own training from there, and it sounds like a lot from what I’m told.

It seemed apparent to me that Bay Medic has got their hiring down to an efficient science of finding trainable EMT’s.

Within 4 days I’ll know if I’m included in this new training class and either way, I’ll be positing it here.