Fire Behavior- Quiz 1

1.  The incipient stage of fire refers to...?

2.  The fire tetrahedron requires the following items...

3.  A class "A" fire is composed of ______ fuels.

4.  High heat, heavy smoke and little or no flames describe what stage of fire?

5.  The symbol for a class "B" fire is a red square.

6.  Fire is a...?

7.  Explosive limits are generally referred to as being either....?

8. Flash Point is....?

9.  Matter is defined as....?

10.  Smoke contains the following components:

11.  Convection is....?

12.  Fire point is normally a few degrees above....?

13.  Fire has changed over time.

14.  The hazards of flammable gases are generally ___________ to that of flammable liquids.

15.  A fuel heated to a high temperature may _______ without the assistance of an outside flame.

16.  Ignition temperature can also be referred to as spontaneous combustion.

17.  A class "C" fire can be additionally dangerous because it involves....?

18.  Breathable air contains 31% oxygen.

19.  What are the 3 states of matter?

20.  There are 6 classifications of fire.