Fire Behavior Quiz 4

1.  Understanding of fire behavior is essential for comprehending the entire ____ and _____ of fire protection.

2. Fire behavior is quite _______.

3.  A fire is said to be "started" when it will ______ combustion.

4.  Auto-ignition is the same as _____.

5.  The chemical symbol OH is found in many formulas.  It is one molecule of ....?

6.  Dry powder extinguishers ______ the chain reaction process.

7.  What type of combustion is more common in the fire business?

8.  Fire sprinklers do not react to smoke.

9.  Conduction, convection and radiation are all capable of transferring heat in access of _______ degrees F.

10.  Radiant heat and light waves travel in ______ lines.

11.  When energy waves fall upon any surface, it is either _____ or _____.

12.  Once heated, air begins to ______ and rise.

13.  The critical period is the time when the most _____ ______ occurs.

14.  ______ ______ has a definite impact upon the ability to spread fire.

15.  A measurement of the total amount of combustibles indicates ______ ______.