Firefighter Basics – Quiz 1

1.  Which of the following is not one of the 4 categories of firefighters?

2.  Who is known for founding one of the first fire departments and insurance companies in America?

3.  What document is posted for the purpose of setting goals and priorities in the fire service?

4.  What is the maximum number of people one supervisor can manage effectively at an emergency scene?  *According to NFPA standards.

5.  What is the common name of a standard operating unit of working people in the fire service?

6.  Which NFPA standard addresses Health & Safety?

7.  What event brough about the most significant change in fire equipment in the fire service?

8.  In the fire service, what is the highest level of field medical training?

9.  Who is the person in charge at all emergency scenes?

10.  Which of the following companies carry hoseline?