Firefighter Resume Templates

Firefighter Resume Templates

I’ve noticed that the post I’ve written about firefighters resumes has had a big response so obviously there’s a need out there for help with writing your firefighter resume.  With this in mind, I will write and make available firefighter resume templates and examples that you can download, customize and use for your own firefighting career search.

These resumes are general in nature and invite you to make any changes you like.  Each resume will be geared toward achieving a position or promotion, but don’t let that stop you from using it if you’re not aiming for that particular job or title.  As an example, the first resume I will post here is for an experienced firefighter II/Engineer who might be applying for a Captains position.

If you have no firefighting experience, you can still effectively use this resume by downloading it and changing the text to fit your current career profile.  Easy-schmeezy.

Though the resumes are set up in a format which is conducive to highlighting important items departments will be looking for, you should add, remove or adjust anything you feel necessary.  If you’re not sure, write me and ask.  I’m happy to help.

Firefighter II Resume

Firefighter Resume with Job History

Firefighter Letter of Introduction

About the Author

Josh Sauberman is the author of the Journey To Firefighter blog. He is a graduate of the Los Medanos Fire Academy, and an Engineer/Company Officer with the Cordelia Fire Department where he started as a Resident Firefighter in March 2010. Originally from New York, he earned his B.S. degree at the University of Arizona,Tucson and subsequently an A.S. in Fire Technology from Los Medanos College. Josh lives in the San Francisco suburb, Walnut Creek and has worked as an EMT as well as a professional in the fire restoration industry. He continues to pursue a full-time role in the career he plans to retire from - Firefighting.