It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a post out, which leaves me and many readers wondering… where in the world is Carmen… eh, Josh Sauberman?

The quick answer is that I’ve been busy doing all sorts of things, most of them fire related in one way or another. I’ll get into the details later, but this quick post is to talk about the future of this blog and my intentions. I intend to be a better blogger, and here is what that means: I will post much more regularly, though they will not alway be the long, heavily detailed posts I’ve written in the past. Those are the reason I fell off the radar recently.

My posts going forward will be more like this; fast, to-the-point quips on what’s happening and what I’ve been doing to keep my journey on path. I also intend on changing the homepage of the site to reflect my new approach, but that’s coming soon.

Before I conclude, I should tell you that I have completed my own fire academy at this point and am now working as a resident firefighter with the Cordelia Fire Protection District in Fairfield, CA. This is a volunteer position, but it is a major stepping stone and accomplishment for me. I am a firefighter.

Plenty more on that soon, but for now I’ve got to run. Stay tuned….