I have been invited to begin training along with 4 other EMT’s beginning this Tuesday.  I don’t know exactly what to expect as the interview process was quite minimalist, but I do know that we’ll be going over lots of “orientation” stuff in the beginning.  We’ll get the legal things out of the way, go over lifting patients, using the gurney, and how to properly write a patient care report (PCR).  Other than that, I’ll have to update this post as the training continues.

Nonetheless, congratulations to me!  I am now proud to call myself an employed EMT.

One thing I’d like to note is that Bay Medic Ambulance does not have a contract with 911 which means that we do not get called to the scenes of emergencies.  We specialize in transporting the sick and injured in a safe and efficient (though sure not cheap – no ambulance company is inexpensive) manner.  For me this raises an interesting personal conflict which I believe is actually rare among ambulance jockeys.

As an EMT we want to put our skills to use.  We want to be challenged, and we want to see action.  Delivering an elderly medical patient from one facility to another is not action – it is taxi service.  On the other hand, action means that somebody is suffering.  It means getting excited at the prospect of another’s pain and misfortune; two things which don’t excite me.  Nonetheless, as an EMT, I want to be involved in that.

To be clear (and I believe this is shared among the majority of EMT’s), it’s not that I want bad things to happen to people, but if they’re going to happen anyway, I want to be there.  …to help of course.

My point in this is that I don’t expect action with Bay Medic, but I am thrilled to have the job and I am very, very curious to find out if I will actually see some excitement or if I am merely destined to learn the county hospitals better than I ever could have imagined.  We’ll see…..